Event Sourcing with Adam Dymitruk

  1 day


This workshop shows how to implement systems and services using Event Sourcing. This approach is at the heart of many solutions large and small that succeeded in many technical challenges. This approach allows the system to be entirely lossless and future-proofs solutions, among these other benefits:
• Bug resiliancy - fix any bug and deploy it in under 4 hours
• Readiness for future features based on past data
• Allow large teams to work without coordination overhead
• Allow multiple scaling paradigms on demand
• Remove migration issues when deploying new verisions
• Cleanly separate logical and physical sub-systems
• Support polyglot development to allow various technologies to build a single subsystem
• Run all tests as pure functions reducing the testing overhead by orders of magnitude
• Shed the overhead of CI/CD tooling

Learn how to:

  • Keeping all data as the simplest thing that could possibly work
  • Premature optimisations are everywhere and how the industry abuses them
  • “Serverless” mindset
  • Command and event handlers as the best cadence known in the industry
  • Implementing Given-When-Then and Given-Then tests
  • Moving away from traditional abstractions without changing your tooling
  • Example data in "specifications by example”
  • Advanced Event Sourcing for storage side processing and projections
  • Event Store vs Kafka, why both are needed
  • Devops and source control impacts
  • Hands-On: Construct your own event-sourced program

This workshop is offered alongside the in-person YOW! Perth 2022 conference.

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Event Sourcing with Adam Dymitruk
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