Intermediate Docker with Matt Saunders

  4 days


Have you mastered the basics of Docker and containers, and now want to understand how to deploy containers as part of a development workflow, and reaching all the way through to production?

We’ll go through how to apply that fundamental knowledge into practical scenarios, walking through how best to use containers on public and private clouds.

We’ll set up Kubernetes both from scratch, and as a managed service from cloud providers, and go through the logic of why you might choose either.

Advanced Kubernetes Concepts with Jérôme Petazzoni

We’ll talk through how to run a CI (Continuous Integration) pipeline to deliver container-based software and how to apply best practice around security.

This course is run virtually over 4 half‑day sessions of 4 hours each.

Our virtual courses offer the same expert-led, hands-on experience we've offered since 2013 — accessible from the comfort of your own home (office).

Join Matt and participants from around the globe in a virtual classroom where you'll utilise collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack to start mastering the advanced aspects of Docker and Containers.

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Learn how to:

This intensive course will cover:
  • Decide which container orchestration options are best for you
  • When and when not to use containers
  • Learn how to build secure images and how to store them sensibly
  • Understand how and why to run Kubernetes in the cloud
  • Run your own Kubernetes master nodes
  • Provision managed Kubernetes in the public cloud
  • Understand the compute options for running workloads in the public cloud
  • Understand how to provision resources like load balancers and storage from within a Kubernetes cluster
  • Double-down on security by using Kubernetes’ built-in security functionality
  • Build a CI system to build your containers and deploy them to different environments

About the Author

Matt Saunders

Matt is a pragmatic technical operations architect and leader with Adaptavist - the leading Atlassian partner. A Docker user since 2013, Matt has significant experience in deploying Docker based environments and training small and large groups in its use.

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Who should take this workshop?

If you have conquered the basics of Docker and running containers, and want to move your skills to the next level including how to run containers reliably and safely using Kubernetes-based services, then this course is for you.


You should be familiar with the Linux command line and editing text configuration files on either Linux, Mac or Windows. You should have an understanding of Docker fundamentals and have run and built container images.

Workshop Outline

In the first half of the course we will refresh you on Docker Fundamentals and set the scene for the next level of container knowledge. We'll teach the different orchestration options that are available for deploying applications. We'll also touch on use cases where containers may actually not be the best option.

We will also implement a CI pipeline to build and deploy containers to a Kubernetes cluster in a safe and efficient manner.

Intermediate Docker with Matt Saunders
Dates coming soon