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Merging Kanplexity™ with LeSS

Tuesday, 2nd November, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by LeSS Matters Community in November 2021

This month at LeSS Matters Community we welcome John Coleman, who will be introducing Kanplexity™, a mixture of Kanban and Cynefin that can be combined with LeSS to improve adaptiveness for your complex projects.

Learn more about John's talk below!

Merging Kanplexity™ with LeSS

Scrum isn't the only option for complex work. Non-software work presents challenges for agility. Kanplexity™ is a potion of Kanban and Cynefin. Consider using Kanplexity™ with LeSS to improve adaptiveness.

John Coleman

agility chef & trainer, PKT, PST, LSFT, PSM II course steward, lecturer, top 10, Daily Flow podcast, Xagility podcast

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