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90 Minutes: Product vs Platform

Tuesday, 16th February, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Premium Meetups in February 2021


90 Minutes: Product vs Platform

We are told that successful companies have great products which must be built on a robust broad platform. However, there is some assembly required! CTOs must balance the delivery of competitive products against the delivery of their platform which will enable industry “domination”. Best of breed products must provide competitive features delivered on a strong broad platform. In this talk Dave will share his decades of experience building products and platforms (software and hardware).

He briefly describes the natural tension between products and platforms. These tensions ripple through all aspects from development from practices; technology and tool choices; through user experience; design; architecture and implementation. They constrain the functionality, delivery timeline and costs hence substantially impacts the software culture of the company. Dave discusses the numerous challenges and tradeoffs faced by product and engineering management as they seek to deliver best product for their customers while delivering the best platform for their business.

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas, Chief Scientist/CSO, Kx Systems, Co-Founder and past Chairman of Bedarra Research Labs (BRL), creators of the Analyst visual analytics workbench and an ACM Distinguished Engineer. Founder and past CEO of Object Technology International (OTI), becoming CEO of IBM OTI Labs after its sale to IBM. With a unique ability to see the future and translate research into competitive products, he is known for his contributions to Object Technology including IBM VisualAge and Eclipse IDEs, and their Smalltalk and Java virtual machines. Dave is a popular, humorous, albeit opinionated keynote speaker with an impressive breadth of business experience and technical depth. He is a thought leader in large-scale software engineering and a founding director of the Agile Alliance. With close links the R&D community Dave is an adjunct research professor at Carleton University in Canada and held past positions at UQ and QUT in Australia. He has been a business and technical advisor to many technology companies. Dave is founder and chairman of the YOW! conferences, and a GOTO Conference Fellow.

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