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At Skills Matter we believe in the power of community. Since 2003 we've been working with hundreds of community meetup groups to bring together likeminded people who are passionate about technology topics like Machine Learning, Functional Programming, Java, Agile methodologies, Cloud & DevOps, JavaScript, Architecture and so much more.

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  • Rust London User Group

    The London based user group for the Rust programming language. Rust is a multipurpose programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

    embedded rust rlug rustlang
  • Data Science London

    Data Science London is the largest Data Science community in Europe.

    data big-data machine-learning data-analytics data-science
  • F# Londoners

    F# Londoners is a meetup group that aims to bring together Londoners with an interest in programming with F#.

    .net functional f# functional-programming fsharp
  • LJC: London Java Community

    The LJC is the Java User Group in London. It has over 3000 members has been meeting at Skills Matter since 2007, was founded by Barry Cranford and is organised by a committee of passionate Java Enthusiasts.

    java scala jvm clojure spring
  • LeSS Matters Community

    LeSS Matters is a community to help people understand how to achieve multi-team, organisational agility using Scrum

    less-huge agile people-potential product-development autonomous-teams large-scale-scrum scrum
  • London Infrastructure As Code

    This is a new meetup to showcase infrastructure as code. Aimed at current sysadmins and linux engineers, the talks will cover how to build, manage and secure your infrastructure using current automation tools.

    devops cloud cloudnative cloud-computing configuration-management infrastructure-as-code automation linux
  • Product Elevation

    We are a group created for passionate Product Managers, amazing UX people, and innovators worldwide, to get together to share case studies, examples and stories about elevating products to solve our customers' most wicked problems. We are not...

    ux agile ui-development ui-design product-designer product-leader product innovation lean-ux lean-startup product-ownership design design-thinking product-thinking ux-design product-management
  • Rise (London Tech Ladies)

    A group for women working in the Technology space who are interested in making connections and working to empower themselves and each other.

    community networking events equality inclusion womensnetwork womenintech diversity agile-processes leadership project-management
  • Skills Matter Premium Meetups

    Premium content from regularly scheduled members-only 90 Minutes and Tooling Up sessions with industry experts

    architecture java agile leadership game
  • Thursday's Matter

    Join us for a weekly online meetup organised by Skills Matter.

    agile-methodologies functional-language ai techforgood exploration
  • Virtual Domain-Driven Design

    Virtual DDD is a community driven site for people who want to get more in-depth knowledge of Domain-Driven Design.

    Learn DDD, contribute your knowledge or attend one of their meetups —anywhere at anytime. Everybody is welcome to join.

    Share your...

    architecture domain-driven-design


  • Our Tech Legacy

    We all use technology, either as a consumer, provider or both. Climate change is happening now, it is all our responsibility to do something about it before it is too late.

    Our Tech Legacy will show and help you do that.

    climate-emergency sustainability
  • Skills Matter Free Workshops

    Not quite a meetup, not quite a course — join us for a series of free workshops allow you to get hands-on as you learn essentials skills and concepts from some of the world's most in-demand experts.

    architecture code agile leadership interactive workshop hands-on