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At Skills Matter we believe in the power of community. Since 2003 we've been working with hundreds of community meetup groups to bring together likeminded people who are passionate about technology topics like Machine Learning, Functional Programming, Java, Agile methodologies, Cloud & DevOps, JavaScript, Architecture and so much more.

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  • .NET Matters

    .NET Matters is a community-led, monthly meetup series, featuring the latest on C#.NET, frameworks, tools, architecture, cloud, and software craftsmanship, helping you learn and share skills and experience with peers and some of the world's...

    data cloud architecture f# .net c# azure .net-core
  • Agility Matters

    Agility Matters is a community-led, monthly meetup series, featuring the latest practices and ideas that help teams meet complex and fast changing business requirements with adaptable, quality systems and teams. Whether you interested in the...

    lean-thinking autonomous-teams cleancode quality discovery bdd testing agile agility
  • Architecture Matters

    Architecture Matters is a monthly meetup series for and by technology leaders, architects and engineers, to explore how to architect highly scalable, flexible, available, reliable, maintainable and secure systems.

    How to create software that can...

    cloud architecture serverless microservices
  • Cloud Matters

    Are you exploring what Cloud Native applications are and keen to learn how to build them, or how to make existing applications Cloud Native? Are you interested in Chaos Engineering, containers and schedulers, DevOps, DataOps, ChatOps and SecOps...

    continuous-integration orchestration aws docker prometheus cloudnative cloud schedulers kubernetes devops containers
  • Data Matters

    Data is everywhere. We are now living in a data driven society, with big data transforming everything from science to how we do our weekly shop. Data Matters will bring experts from around the globe to help make sure you’re using your data to its...

    ai data machine-learning fast-data bigdata
  • Diversity Matters

    Technology is all about innovation, and this is only possible if we’re able to bring everyone together to share ideas. In this latest meetup series, we’ll be looking at neurodiversity, social inclusivity, gender, accessibility as well as many...

    accessibility lgbtq+ bame social-inclusivity gender neurodiversity diversity
  • Java Matters

    Java Matters is a community-led, monthly meetup series, featuring the latest on the Java language, frameworks, tools that help you create modern systems in Java. Whether you are creating web systems, mobile apps or are working on large scale Java...

    java-development jvm android java
  • JavaScript Matters

    Angular or React? What's happening with GraphQL? What's the latest framework about? It can be hard to stay focused and up-to-date to ensure that your JavaScript code shines compared to the rest. Don't miss out on this new meetup series...

    web reactive react javascript frontend fullstack angular nodejs
  • Leadership Matters

    Are you a CTO, Project Manager, Team Leader or just interested in developing yourself professionally? Join in with Skills Matter's latest meetup series which looks at professional, and personal development!

    business-architecture 3x system-thinking lean leadership
  • Mobile Matters

    The world of mobile development is a vast one: iOS and Android, Swift and Java, and now Flutter letting you go beyond one platform. Join in with Skills Matter's latest meetup series, Mobile Matters to stay informed by leading experts on all...

    mobile mobile-development mobile-apps app-development android ios
  • Scala Matters

    Scala Matters is a community-led, monthly meetup series, featuring the latest on the Scala language, frameworks, tools and on functional programming to help you create modern systems in Scala by learning and sharing experience and skills with...

    jvm scala-cats dotty streaming scala scalax machine-learning functional reactive spark play akka
  • Thursday's Matter

    Join us for a weekly online meetup organised by Skills Matter.

    agile-methodologies functional-language ai techforgood exploration


  • LDNUG: London .NET User Group

    The London .NET User Group was set up in 2002, to support the community of local software developers working with Microsoft .NET. Our monthly meetings are a great way to keep up with what's happening with .NET. We've hosted talks and...

    fsharp .net c# csharp f#
  • LJC: London Java Community

    The LJC is the Java User Group in London. It has over 3000 members has been meeting at Skills Matter since 2007, was founded by Barry Cranford and is organised by a committee of passionate Java Enthusiasts.

    java scala jvm clojure spring
  • Rust London User Group

    The London based user group for the Rust programming language. Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

    rust rlug rustlang