Scala Days 2015 - Amsterdam

Monday, 8th - Wednesday, 10th June in Amsterdam


The conference will bring together developers from all corners of the world to share their experiences and new ideas around creating applications with Scala and related technologies, like Akka and Play Framework. Scala Days provides a unique opportunity for Scala users to interact with the contributors to the language and related technologies and connect with fellow developers.

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Check out the Scala Days website and registration for speaker and program info: http://event.scaladays.org/scaladays-amsterdam-2015

A few of the Scala Days 2015 Amsterdam speakers include:

  • Martin Odersky, Chief Architect & Co-Founder at Typesafe
  • Jonas Boner, Inventor of Akka, CTO at Typesafe and Co-Author of the Reactive Manifesto
  • Adam Gibson, Co-founder of Skymind and Creator of Deeplearning4

Last year’s conference in Berlin was a sold-out event at 800 attendees, and for 2015 we have added two annual events: San Francisco and Amsterdam. Leaders from Scala User Groups and communities around the globe, students and language contributors, will gather to discuss academic research, use-cases and visionary projects for a two day, action-packed event.

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Tuesday Keynote: Life Beyond the Illusion of Present

But unfortunately this is not how the world works. There is no present, all we have is facts derived from the merging of multiple pasts. The truth is closer to Einstein’s physics where everything is relative to one’s perspective. As developers we need to wake up and break free from the perceived reality of living in a single globally consistent present. The advent of multicore and cloud computing architectures meant that most applications today are distributed systems—multiple cores separated by the memory bus or multiple nodes separated by the network—which puts a harsh end to this illusion. Facts travel at the speed of light (at best), which makes the distinction between past and perceived present even more apparent in a distributed system where latency is higher and where facts (messages) can get lost...

Find the full schedule of talks at Scala Days 2015 here

Jonas Bonér

Jonas Bonér is founder and CTO of Lightbend, inventor of the Akka project, co-author of the Reactive Manifesto and a Java Champion.

Wednesday Keynote: The Future of AI in Scala, and on the JVM

Deep learning is essentially machine perception, recognizing patterns in sensory data. With time, it will be implemented more and more on the edge, in low-memory devices in handsets, automobiles and other devices. Scala's speed and versatility put it in a position to dominate numerical computing and therefore AI. The Scala ecosystem, which includes some of the fastest distributed run-times, makes it easy to process the computationally intensive operations that AI requires quickly. So the future of AI on Scala is very fast (real-time streaming data processing). With the JVM, it is also ubiquitous, ranging from Linux servers, to Windows and OSX desktops, to Android phones.

Find the full schedule of talks at Scala Days 2015 here

Adam Gibson

Co-founder of Skymind and Creator of Deeplearning4

Keynote: Scala - where it came from, where it's going

Find the full Scala Days 2015 schedule here

Martin Odersky

Martin Odersky is a professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is best known as the creator of the Scala programming language. Prior to that, he made several contributions to the development of Java. He created the Pizza and GJ languages, designed the original version of generics for Java, and wrote the javac reference compiler.


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