YOW! Perth Developer Conference 2022: In-Person

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Monday, 19th - Tuesday, 20th September at The Westin Perth, Perth

11 experts will be speaking. Starts at 8:45 AM AWST (12:45 AM UTC)

Join us for the return of YOW! Perth Developer Conference, a 2‑day conference bringing software experts to you

Over these 2 days you'll learn from Thought Leaders, Architects and Developers as you connect with like-minded people to share skills, insights and lessons.

YOW! Speakers are chosen based on their expertise; they provide excellent technically rich content appropriate to all roles in software and IT, completely independent of commercial concerns such as sponsorship or product. This means no commercials. Just lots of case studies and stories from the trenches.

Serious software professionals and IT leaders from all across organisations will benefit from attending. Whether you’re a Developer, Architect, Product Owner, Team Lead, Coach or Manager, don’t miss this learning opportunity. Our speakers have a wealth of experience they’re eager to share with you.

Speaker on stage at YOW! Perth

How does it work?

YOW! Perth Developer Conference 2022 will be a hybrid conference with a mix of both virtual and in-person speakers and attendees.
The online channel will be hosted on the Hopin platform, scheduled ideally for those in the UTC+8 time zone.
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We are excited to be back in Perth in person and to welcome our community from Singapore, Hong Kong, and around the world.

We hope to see you there!

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Speaker on stage at YOW! Perth


Our two-day online conference features expert-led talks including keynotes.

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Making the most of your manager

Unless you sit at the very top of an organisation hierarchy, you have a manager. Your manager may be someone you enjoy working with, or not. You may respect their skills and experience, or not. You may rely on them for guidance and advice, or not. Whether you think you have a good manager or a bad manager, there are opportunities for you to leverage your manager to help build your own career. If you want a promotion or a pay rise, your manager is the first person who you need to get onside. This talk is not about "managing up". This talk is about how to turn your manager into your advocate and sponsor.

Event Modeling

Event Modeling is a technique and notation to describe information systems. It is based on Specification by Example, event or timeline-based layout and describes an entire system within its boundaries in line with Systems Thinking.

In this session, you will learn:
• How Event Modeling works
• How to organize an Event Modeling workshop
• Why the approach is highly successful
• How it applies to different size of projects
• How it replaces a number of other practices
• How it applies to traditional projects
• How it applies to legacy systems

Adam Dymitruk


Beyond REST - contract testing in the age of gRPC, Kafka and GraphQL

Modern distributed architectures are more complex than ever before, with a majority of companies operating multiple languages, protocols and architectural styles. This poses significant challenges for engineering teams increasingly asked to deliver more at speed. Whilst the practice of contract testing rose to prominence during the RESTful microservices boom to address similar challenges, the problem statement has evolved. In this talk, we'll discuss these new challenges and demonstrate how contract testing is still as relevant as it has ever been in helping to solve them.

Matt Fellows

Principal Product Manager (Pactflow)
SmartBear Software

Brendan Gregg (Keynote)

Brendan Gregg

Intel Corporation

Gregor Hohpe

Gregor Hohpe

Enterprise Strategist

Chaitanya Kuber

Chaitanya Kuber

Head of Engineering, Demand

When to choose Rust

Rust is fashionable, but is it right for your team? This talk explains the benefits of the Rust programming language and provides some rationale behind the hype. It’ll then spend some time outlining decision criteria for adopting Rust and provide plan for incremental adoption, if that’s what your team decides to do.

Tim McNamara

Senior Software Engineer
Amazon Web Services

Katharina Probst (Keynote)

Katharina Probst

Director of Engineering

Dancing with Serverless

The serverless approach to development of cloud-native applications has grown steadily over the past 6 years. The company I worked for was an early adopter of serverless technologies and became an Australian and global success story - a true unicorn - whilst staying true to its serverless roots. During this time, my experience of serverless technologies and cloud-native architectures evolved and changed the way I build software. Join me in this to talk to hear how we built our original serverless platform, how our approach evolved, and how I think about and build my applications now. This talk is 100% free of containers. In this talk we will cover: - How A Cloud Guru built its serverless architecture and the way it changed over time.- How I build serverless applications today and what is different.- Common challenges to the serverless approach of software development and how I deal with them. - What are the current serverless challenges and what cloud providers could do to help us.

Peter Sbarski

VP Education & Research
A Cloud Guru

Designing for web3

As more companies look at opportunities to use web3 to achieve business goals, designers will increasingly need to understand how to design for it. Of course, web3 isn't just one thing - you might need to design for the metaverse, finance applications, NFT projects and more. Will your existing design skills stretch to this new domain or will you need to work in a different way? In this session we'll look at the similarities and differences between web2 and web3, discuss what you might need to learn, what challenges you might face and what you might need to do differently.

Donna Spencer

Principle Product Designer

Coevolution of Architecture and Code - Closing the Gap?

In an ideal world we would have “Architecture as Code”, but in reality, we have “Architecture is what you can hopefully infer from the code you have”! Every expert consultant and new hire asks the same question - What is the application architecture? They get essentially the same reply from different companies on different products - “ In the beginning, we had a good architecture, we even had diagrams and architectural styles but then reality set in, we added a lot of developers, didn’t have time to update the architecture and quickly we disappeared into the code. Now we just have the code”. In this talk, we explore closing the gap between architecture and code.

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas, Chief Scientist/CSO, Kx Systems, Co-Founder and past Chairman of Bedarra Research Labs (BRL), creators of the Analyst visual analytics workbench and an ACM Distinguished Engineer. Founder and past CEO of Object Technology International (OTI), becoming CEO of IBM OTI Labs after its sale to IBM. With a unique ability to see the future and translate research into competitive products, he is known for his contributions to Object Technology including IBM VisualAge and Eclipse IDEs, and their Smalltalk and Java virtual machines. Dave is a popular, humorous, albeit opinionated keynote speaker with an impressive breadth of business experience and technical depth. He is a thought leader in large-scale software engineering and a founding director of the Agile Alliance. With close links the R&D community Dave is an adjunct research professor at Carleton University in Canada and held past positions at UQ and QUT in Australia. He has been a business and technical advisor to many technology companies. Dave is founder and chairman of the YOW! conferences, and a GOTO Conference Fellow.


The Westin Perth

The Westin Perth

480 Hay Street, Perth, WA 6000, AU

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All crew volunteers will work approx. 12 hours during the conference days. In return for helping with the conference, crew volunteers will have free access to the conference and social events.

Crew volunteers need to be available to attend a 2-hour briefing session the evening before the conference.

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Hands‑On Workshops

Want to maximise your YOW! experience? Make it a whole week of upskiling with these in‑person workshops by speakers Donna Spencer and Adam Dymitruk.

If you're interested in attending a workshop and the conference, contact us at pc@skillsmatter.com.

Facilitating Great Workshops

1‑Day In‑Person Workshop

21 September 2022

Learn how to plan and facilitate a (problem-solving) workshop that achieves great outcomes and actively involves everyone in the room.

Learn more about this workshop

Event Modeling in Practice

1‑Day In‑Person Workshop

21 September 2022

Learn with hands on exercises to create an event model with other participants. Compare the current tooling available for the approach. Remove the technical to business chasm by showing functionality by example.

Learn more about this workshop

Event Sourcing with Adam Dymitruk

1‑Day In‑Person Workshop

22 September 2022

This workshop shows how to implement systems and services using Event Sourcing. This approach is at the heart of many solutions large and small that succeeded in many technical challenges.

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