Software Architecture Gathering Digital 2021

Wednesday, 13th - Thursday, 14th October, Online Conference

59 experts spoke.

The Software Architecture Gathering is the international conference highlight for all those working on solution structures in IT projects: primarily software architects, developers and professionals in quality assurance, but also system analysts who want to communicate better with their developers.

The conference is presented by the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB®) in cooperation with Skills Matter. A selection of the best-known international experts will share their practical knowledge on the most important topics in state-of-the-art software architecture.

For full details on this event, please visit the SAG website.

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Day 1: Keynotes and Sessions: Day 1

The Leading International Conference for Software Architecture

Track Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5

The Future of the Past – Legacy will Stay with Us

Carola Lilienthal

Architecture Foundations

architecture legacy-systems

Essential Architectural Thinking – Why, How, What, When, and How Much?

Uwe Friedrichsen

Architecture Foundations

architecture software-architecture

"But the New System Must be Able to do the Same as the Old One!" "No!" – Modernize Systems Properly

Dominik Rost and Matthias Naab

Outside the Box

architecture software-modernisation

From Dax Company to Church: Experiences from 10 Years Analyzing Complex Software Systems

Nils Göde

Technology and Impact

architecture vizualisation automated-analysis

A Change-Data-Capture Use-Case: Designing an Evergreen Cache

Nicolas Fränkel

Architecture Trends

architecture evergreen-cache change-data-capture cdc

Modern Architecture

Ted Neward

Architecture Trends

architecture software-architecture

"Speak" Your Architecture: From Domain Language to Well-Named Components

Matthias Bohlen

Architecture Foundations

architecture domain-driven-design user-experience business-friendly-naming naming

Does Culture Impact Software Design?

Avraham Poupko and Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Outside the Box

architecture collaboration communication software-design culture

Sustainable Design for a Better Tomorrow

Frank Pientka

Technology and Impact

architecture climate-footprint energy-consumption sustainability

Event Driven Architecture @ Allianz Advisory

Annegret Junker

Architecture Trends

architecture reactive-architecture advisory-software event-driven-architectures

Stress Driven Development, and How to Avoid it

Dmitry Vinnik

Beyond Technology

architecture productivity health people

The Indisputable Structure for Backends and Frontends

Adam Bien

Architecture Foundations

architecture spa microservices bce backend frontend

Wunderkind Natural Language Processing – Opportunities, Challenges, & Limits

Jannik Fischbach

Technology and Impact

architecture natural-language-processing

Architecture & DevOps – How to Deliver Sustainable Quality in an Ever-Changing Environment

Peter Götz

Architecture Trends

architecture devops



Beyond the Known Knowns

Kevlin Henney

Beyond Technology

architecture development-process knowledge-acquisition knowledge

Metrics for Architects

Alexander von Zitzewitz

Architecture Foundations

architecture maintainability metrics

Software Architecture, Team Topologies, and Complexity Science

James Lewis

Outside the Box

architecture complexity-science team-structure software-architecture teams

Legacy Supplantation Patterns

Ian Cartwright and Rob Horn

Technology and Impact

architecture software-modernisation anti-patterns legacy-supplantation-patterns legacy-code

Beyond Micro Frontends: Frontend Moduliths for Enterprise Solutions

Manfred Steyer

Architecture Trends

architecture frontend-modulith

Compression, Dedupe, Encryption, Conundrums in Cloud

Tejas Chopra

Architecture Foundations

architecture cloud optimization encryption dedupe compressions

D.A.R.E. More, F.E.A.R. Less – How Journaling Puts Leadership in Action

Cosima Laube

Outside the Box

leadership people-development journaling

Architecture Meets Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Rausch and Christoph Knieke

Technology and Impact

data architecture artificial-intelligence machine-learning

Building Reactive Systems on AWS

Sascha Möllering

Architecture Trends

architecture performance reactive-systems aws

Architectural Patterns for Rapid, Reliable, Frequent and Sustainable Development

Chris Richardson

Architecture Trends

architecture modular-monolith architectural-patterns microservices

Day 2: Sessions & Keynotes

The Leading International Conference for Software Architecture

Track Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5

Architecture, Babies, and Bathwater

Stefan Tilkov

Architecture Foundations

architecture software-architecture

That's Not in my Job Description

Alexander Lorz

Architecture Foundations

team-structure organizational-context architecture software-architecture

Domain-Driven Design & Legacy: Evolution Not Revolution

Eberhard Wolff

Architecture Trends

architecture legacy-systems domain-driven-design

Balancing Choreography and Orchestration

Bernd Rücker


architecture orchestration choreography

Quality Storming: Collaborative Modelling for Quality Requirements

Michael Plöd

Architecture Foundations

architecture quality-storming collaborative-modelling

Mainframe & Serverless Integration – How to Liberate the Data and Stay Competitive

Federico Fregosi

Architecture Trends

architecture cloud aws mainframe containers serverless fintech

Why Software Should Reflect Real Life

Yara Mayer

Architecture Trends

architecture complexity refactoring

How to Read Complex Code?

Felienne Hermans


code learning programming

The Myth of Team Autonomy: Why it is an Illusion and We Still Need It

Gerrit Beine

Beyond Technology

devops agile organizational-autonomy organizational-structrue autonomous-teams collaboration team-autonomy teams

Lessons Learned Using ARC42 in a Real DevOps Team

Johannes Dienst

Architecture Foundations

architecture documentation arc42

Continuous Software Architecture for the Digital Age

Eoin Woods

Architecture Trends

architecture continuous-architecture

Event-Driven Microservices – Evolution, Not Revolution

Allard Buijze

Architecture Trends

architecture messaging event-driven-architecture microservices

Clean Infrastructure as Code

Mario-Leander Reimer


architecture clean-infrastructure infrastructure-as-code

The Art of Improving Software: Legacy Evolution, Done Right

Gernot Starke

Beyond Technology

architecture legacy



Software Architecture in a DevOps World

Bert Jan Schrijver

Architecture Foundations

architecture devops continuous-delivery

Modules are Underrated

Richard Wallintin

Architecture Foundations

architecture modules domain-driven-modules hexagonal-architecture

Software Architecture in Predictive Analytics Software

Hiral Vyas Dave

Outside the Box

architecture predictive-analytics

Is software architecture an end in itself?

Holger Tiemeyer

Beyond Technology

architecture software-architecture

Orthogonal Defect Classification Data for Improving Leading Metrics

Nagesh Shenoy

Architecture Foundations


Package Structures of Software Systems

Matthias Eschhold and Steve Walter

Architecture Foundations

architecture package-structure maintainability

Why a Diverse Team is Crucial to Startup Success

Melissa Jurkoic

Beyond Technology

diversity startups

Building Greener

Kyle Jones

Outside the Box

sustainability climate-crisis

A Visual Language for Systems Integration

Matt McLarty

Architecture Trends

architecture distributed-systems

Embedded Systems Architecture

Peter Hruschka and Wolfgang Reimesch

Outside the Box

architecture embedded-systems arc42

Debunking What Makes a Great Leader

Jenn Donahue

Beyond Technology


The Lost Art of Software Design

Simon Brown

Architecture Trends

architecture software-design

Cloud Security Beyond Technology – Organizational Challenges on the Way to Cloud Native

Rainer Stropek

Technology and Impact

architecture public-cloud cloud-native cloud

Retrospecitves Antipatterns

Aino Vonge Corry

Beyond Technology

agile antipatterns retrospectives collaboration

Evolutionary Architecture: Principles and Patterns

Rebecca Parsons

Architecture Trends

architecture enterprise-architecture evolutionary-architecture
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